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usually refers to crystal meth around here. Also heard it used to refer to heroin
Hey man you got any dope? I'm not ready to go to sleep yet!
by Bowl Roller August 23, 2010
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Unlike in America where its a good word... in Ireland a dope is someone who is very stupid - an eejit in other words. It never ever means good unless your a D4 wannabe(they think there posh *roysh*). And you dont really wanna be one of them dopes. Haaaa. Basically anyone who is thick is a dope especially if what they do or say is funny for you but not for them. And in Ireland dope it is NEVER used in reference to drugs - heroin is 'gear' and weed is 'green'. If you asked someone for dope they would look at ye sideways and laugh and ask if you thought you were American...
"Hes the biggest dope in Drogheda"

"Dont be a dick, ye dope!"

"Sure what would that dope know shes as thick as a brick!"

"those Dundalk heads are the dopes of the century"
by AshnAndrew October 25, 2009
11 10
A combination of generational and regional difference in it's usage.

40 and up
Marijuana, Pot, Weed, Bud, Smoke, Herb

A combination of both 40 and up usage and under 30 usage.

30 and down
Hard drugs, Heroin, OXY, Opiates
Your Dad
"Hey, wanna smoke a joint of some killer dope?"

Your older bother
"Hey, I'd like to smoke a little dope but I'm not into shooting dope"

Dude, I need to quick shootin' dope.
by purpleteeth October 02, 2008
30 29
A band that started in the late 90's. They are a mixture of Industrial Metal and Hard Rock. They got there first CD out by actually selling dope. There current line-up includes Edsel Dope as the vocals, Virus on the main Guitar, Angel on Drums, and Brix on Bass.
"The one I love, I hate but the sex is great!"

Dope, Song: Bitch
by Chris KP May 07, 2008
32 31
A word used to describe a really boring soccer game. Is most likely used by "fans" who watch once every four years. Usually substitutes for words like "boring" "gay" and/or "stupid"
"That Brazil chile game was dope"
by Gny June 28, 2014
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Acronym that many snipers use meaning Data On Personal Equipment ( lot number, temperature, wind speed/direction, humidity and altitude). Though not an official acronym, it is an invaluable training aid and helps make quick corrections.
"Fix your DOPE to elevate thirty degrees west"
by UnicornPony_69 May 27, 2014
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It means very good or ''cool"
Haroon:am on the reach for the top term
by Zeze May 01, 2014
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