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When a door knobb is put into the vagina and turned
I was doorknobbing last night because i didn't have a dildo to use.
by BallSweatForSoup July 21, 2009
tethering a pretty naked girl to a fixed object (usually a doorknob) using a single pair of handcuffs by fastening one cuff about her wrists and the the other cuff about the fixed object
After doorknobbing Alison to her closet door, Martin tickled her sides till she cried from laughter.
by Alfling August 30, 2014
To grope both boobs of a female (or fat male) and twist them in a circular motion.
I was door knobbing myself last night... then I farted...
by CarpetNipples September 09, 2011
shoving a door knob into your vagina or anus and twisting it for pleasure
Hey man. when you don't have a penis, use a door knob! door knobbing is great fun!
by THeTunaFish September 06, 2009
When somebody tries to pick out of a crowd who farted by calling doorknob and watching who flinches or rushes towards the door. The person who was successfully doorknobbed is beat to the ground by the doorknobber and surrounding friends. This method is very effective when one has a good idea who let loose the stink.
When Bob notices the smell of fart in the room, he suspects Jim. Bob calls doorknob at Jim while running at him with fist in air hoping that Jim will rush towards the doorknob thereby validating Bob's pummeling of Jim. The doorknobbing goes horribly wrong when Jim, who hadn't farted, bitches the whole night about the bruises on his arm, while Bob looks like a dick.
by LDD January 10, 2007

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