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The act of standing in front of a doorway with you hands in the air so people can determine how tall you are since they have only ever interacted with you online. Often used during videochats.
Thanks Pamela! Your "dooring" picture made me realize you are actually shorter than you look!
by CarterGee September 07, 2011
When you and some friends get out of your car, and run over to someone else's car and open all their doors then run back. The more doors and/or a trunk you can open the better. Also the less people in the car to help shut the doors afterwards the better.
We went Dooring at the stoplight to my friends car, forcing him to get out and shut all his doors.
by SgtSausage March 06, 2012
(Verb) - The act of two men scissor kissing with their buttholes.
Kodiak and JC loved dooring in the park.
by Zerotohero February 11, 2015
Someone who drop kicks a swinging door when someone is on the other side to mortally injure them.
Shit, did you hear Tony went dooring this morning?

No, who'd he get?

He only went and doored the finance director

What a stupid wanker he's going to get a P45.
by Puffles July 15, 2009
Dooring is the practice of opening one's door into another parked vehicles side. Practiced mostly by older people, soccer moms and children, it damages the paint on the opposite cars finish. Dooring is a completely unnacepptable practice, and it is best to honk at the idiot next to you whose doing it to your car. An alternate form of dooring, is when an idiot in your own car, opens the door and scrapes off the paint when the door slides of the curb.
The death penalty is unacceptable in modern America, with the exception of people who practice dooring or vandalize other peoples vehicles.
by Mitch Riar January 12, 2007
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