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A show that comes on Disney channel that consists of three main characters, DeeDee (pink one) , Rooney (blue one) , and Moe (orange one). They dress in bright outfits and sing and dance a lot. Most children like them a lot and they even have a live tour. They call them shows a child's first "rock" show. Some adults/teens like them too for their fun antics and the entertainment they bring.
#1. I went and saw the DoodleBops today!!
#2. I swear those DoodleBops are on drugs, that Bus Driver Bob even has a beer belly.
#3. I love the DoodleBops
by AmberHendrix April 01, 2007
1.)The act of releasing a small,quick,and smelly amount of gas from your ass.

2.) Taking over something or letting your swag take control of a situation
1.) Dude, my girlfriend is pissed ,cuz I had a doodle bop party in front of her parents!

2.) We are gonna doodle bop the shit outta this party!
by Papa Pix December 29, 2010
A woman with no morals aka hoe. Ready and willing for any sexual activity even during ungodly hours of the night.
1. Man, its 1 am and I'm bored out of my mind. I might as well call this Doodlebop for a quicky.
by MauMau4 February 13, 2008
Getting a blowjob while bench pressing
"I was at the gym the other day and my trainer gave me a Doodle Bop."

Your.. Female trainer.. right?
by Romeo Boys October 26, 2011
doodlebops are the coolest things ever! there is:
doodlebop 1, doodlebop 2, and dr. doodlebop.
*not to be mistaken with whos*

"doodlebops took over whosville" = )
by dr. doodlebop July 25, 2006
To tap the genitals of another with your hand or an object. Doodlebops are not meant to be violent or painful. They are a sign of affection and onesupsmanship. Can be used as a noun, verb, or exclamation.
Noun: "While we waited in line, Fred gave me a good doodlebop."

Verb: "I doodlebopped Bob in line."

Exclamation: (as you are tapping someone's genitals) "Doodlebop!"
by bad1978 November 19, 2009
A Doodle that Bops
Man that Doodle Bops is of the chain wizzle
by Buford+MountainMan Steve July 13, 2009
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