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1. When you get bored of masturbating; to use a donut to get oneself off.
2. A sign often placed outside Farms to ward off those into bestiality.
3. A sexual position: while with a fat bitch, scrunch up her gut flab in both your hands so it looks like a donut, then start fucking it.
Definition 1:
All out of cookies, carrots, and cucumbers. Its time for a Donut Fuck
Definition 2:
'Prized Animal. Donut Fuck'.
Definition 3:
Goddam it woman! Roll over, I'll Donut Fuck you.
by Blackstump November 11, 2003
A general term used to describe any situation in which one encounters a narrow, well fortified entrance to a base or camped area.
There's a sniper at the end of that donut fuck (a.k.a. hallway).
by Dave November 13, 2003
A point of bottleneck in Starcraft. A bridge or other narrow passageway.
Place the cannons on that donut fuck.
by Carl November 09, 2003
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