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Donovan's are not the most powerful commanders of the east. Modern day Donovans are fat, mental diseased, pussies. Donovan's were named by a pair of pussy parents that thought their kid would be great. Donovans are far from any type of leader, they are pussy momma's boys. Donovans have no sense of style and are very odd looking.
Guy: Yo that kid got the biggest weggie!!!

Guy 2: I know- Donovan is such a dork! Look at Donovan crying!!!!!!
by Donovansass November 29, 2011
486 470
A very loose vagina, it is also very smelly.
Looks like she has donovan.
by Rusty Wallace June 20, 2006
2001 1633
The most powerful commanders of the east.
Most feared of any man in the entire universe.
Complete and utter badass.
I ran into a Donovan, it scared the shit out of me.
Did you see that man destroy nine people at once, it must be a Donovan.
by corperal krunk November 27, 2009
1068 979
a person who is very quiet and always scheming in their head. Does not like other people and always has something bad to say about someone. You should not make an ememy out of this person. They are very sneaky and will stab your back.
That guy tricked me to sell my stocks, he must be a donovan.
by Rusty William December 17, 2011
460 395
a person who denies being a hipster even though they actually are.
Person 1- "You're such a hipster"
Hipster- "No I'm not!!!"
Person 1- "Stop being a Donovan"
by ADMIT YOU'RE A HIPSTER PEOPLE February 22, 2012
230 169
Cute Funny Smart Amazing Loving Caring Doesn't Like A Lot Of People . Has A Big Dick Very Cool Annoying Nice . A Girl Has His Heart . A Very Special Person Cute Dimples ! This Girl Adores Him A Lot Doesn't Fight . Plays Ball Forever Playing 2k He's The Best Spoils His Girl And Everything
Donovan Is A Very Nice Person
by Kj Kidd December 17, 2013
54 21
A person with unfortunate facial features and thinning hair. Most view as creepy and anti-social. Someone who epitomizes laziness to the point of living off his spouse. He has an IQ of a nat and should not bear offspring, his DNA is deeply flawed. Watch out or you will be Hinch 'd. Donovan is the type of person who likes to eat lots of smelly ass burgers thereby attracting fugly women of decent financial means. Cannot be trusted and will lie and cheat to get what he wants. No redeeming emotional connedtions to anyone but himself.
Yo Dawg, you so lazy and disgustin, yous a Donovan
by Asberger October 15, 2011
637 604
The coolest thing ever to walk eart. likes to finger gurlz. He is sooo hottt!
That guy is so hot hees a Donovan!
by hot-gurl December 28, 2011
271 247