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Dominicans or Dominican Americans come from the Dominican Republic. This country shares its borders with Haiti. The Dominican Republic has rolling hills, and mountains. The chief export by far is sugar. Dominicans came to the U.S. because of economic hardships and because of the government. The Dominicans came here in the early 1980's and even more came in the 1990's. The Dominicans are relatively a new ethnic group. Since most are "campesinos", they lack education or skills. They also face language barriers and discrimination. 42% of all Dominicans don't know English well. 29% of Dominicans are on welfare. The more Dominicans that come here, the poorer they become as a group. They are also unusually younger than most immigrant groups. Many are illegal and fall under the poverty line. They are also plagued by high rents, unemployment, and stereotypes of drug-fueled crimes. Many Dominicans are working to combat these problems with associations. Despite their problems, Dominicans are very hard working. In Washington Heights, the Dominican expatriate capital, they have set up bodegas and cabs that compete with the yellow taxis. They have also set up bodegas, beauty salons, and restaurants throughout their barrios in New Jersey and New York. In New Jersey, Dominicans mainly settle in Paterson, Perth Amboy, or Union City. The vast majority of Dominicans have African blood in them. However society makes them seen only as Hispanic or Latino. Skin colors vary. Some have brown skin and others have skin almost as black as African Americans. 50% of all Dominican households are headed by women. The men do all they can to provide the family. Sometimes however some can't do that so they leave. Many Domincans work in construction, plumbing, repair, or as bodegueros. Women can't do this work so they are often cooks, or maids. So their children have to work harder in school. Another stereotype is that Dominicans are too lazy to learn English. This is not true. It's just that Domincans are often times working two or three jobs so they don't have the time. They have made great contributions in the field of baseball and music. Theri food consists of plantanos, yellow rice and beans, yuca, and beef. Over 95% of all Dominicans are strong Catholics.
Alex Rodriguez, Sammy Sosa, AZ, Fabolous, and several bachata singers and other baseball players are Dominicans.
by The freakin Rican December 18, 2004
People from the Dominican Republic. They are very proud people who love n enjoy their culture, food n music as most countries do.

Spanish is spoken in D.R. Dominicans have a mixed heritage, most of the people in D.R. have Spaniard n African heritage n a bit taino.

so peoples color tone can vary. some look mulatto n a lot look like the guys from the group "Aventura". Dont listen the ignorant ass stereotypes made by kids born in US with Dominican parents, they dont know shit about D.R. Dominicans arent obsessed with platanos even though its part of our main dishes, Dominicans arent all "cool kids", or all ghetto tough kids.

Real Dominicans however are always mostly in good mood, a little loud, always available to do exiting things, very communicative, use our hands and face while talking (we use A LOT of symbols), LOVE LAUGHING, a bit defensive, LOVE TO DANCE, sing alot even if our singing sucks, street smart (not saying gangsta, i mean that like the majority of us dont get fooled easily).

D.R. is a third world contry. Tough economy right now, everybody robbing and killing its crazy.
Blackouts about 2-3 times a day in average sectors for about 1-2 hours each. Most are loud there, a lot of people outside, cars with loud ass music cross by, a lot of house parties, a lot of busses n motor-taxis, robbers in the dark, a lot of colmados. A LOT of street food. Anyways the happy ambience allows people to live there without going crazy lol. Its a great place for vacations btw.
Danny: whats a Dominican?
Steven: A person born in the Dominican republic
by jeanky June 06, 2011
ok first of all the idiot that wrote that wearing the Dominican Flag on your bookbag is retarted needs to fcking stfu. Tht desnt mean or make u seem retarted it just a way that we represent that we from the dominican republic and we are not ashamed of it we love our country to the fullest so that why we wear it so y dont u get some pride..
*Dominicans are from The Dominican REpublic (next to haiti) .
by DOMINICANFETTISH October 18, 2008
Dominicans dont wanna be puerto rican!!!Understand dat. Jus because u dont like one dominican dont mean u should judge dem all. Come on we as spanish people should stick together. I f****in mad, stop being ratarted. U never know if a little dominican boy wants to grow up and be like hi idol,fat joe. So then u say dominicans want to be purto ricans dink about it.
Dominican boy: I want to be jus like fat Joe. Hes da best.
Puerto rican teen: Dats y i hate ya'll u dominicans want to be puerto ricans.
Dominican boy: But hes my idol......
by LizzieLiz February 23, 2008
1. A person either born in the Dominican Republic or someone born in America with Dominican ancestry. God forbid that you're an American-born Dominican and you make any mention of being an American first. You'll be considered a traitor and sent into exile from a ghetto like Washington Heights.

2. African-Americans have nothing on Dominicans when it comes to being doomed to remain in the ghetto for an infinite number of generations. Among the most treasonous things that a Dominican can do is to get a college education and become at least a productive middle-class American. What's more cool is going to the hottest Dominican club of the moment on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and blasting the same music in your apartment or in your way-too-expensive car on the other four days.

3. Dominicans are more prone to follow fads than almost every other group of people. There could be 40 different clubs in the neighborhood, but if one of them is deemed the "hot" club of the moment, you can expect to find 95% of the Dominican population inside that club on a Friday night. Try to get in, and you won't have room to scratch your balls.

4. Dominicans all listen to the same bachata, reggaeton, and merengue songs. If you dare say that you don't like Omega or Aventura, the only thing that saves you from being lynched in a back alley is law enforcement.

The only thing keeping me from writing more is the character limit.
Dominican #1: What you gonna do on Friday?

Dominican #2: Pendejo are you serious? What else is hot on Friday besides trying to get into La Casa Del Mofongo?
by An educated Dominican January 02, 2010
Is this group of latinos, black, mulatre who thinks they are White and share the Island of Hispaniola with this group of people called haitians which the dominicans hate so bad! They are black and think of them as black people! They don't like black! I am a dominican and hate what the others are doing!
Hey, who is that dude in that concho? Nope that one can't be dominican! He looks black and haitian! Esperamos para un otro concho! I am not going to sit by blackies or haitianos!
by willis gonzalea June 25, 2009
A Dominican is not what that fake ass motherf***** few definintions before me was writing. Who says Dominicans (by the way I'm half dominican, half german) wanna be puerto ricans, is just a f**** lier coz thats not true. What do the puerto ricans have, anybody wants to get?! I don't know...
Guy 1: Hey, there is that puerto rican guy, I wanna be like him, coz he's so cool!
Guy 2: No man, he's fake, cause he thinks he's the best and everybody wanna be like him! A dominican wants to be a dominican, ya got me?!
by Dirty Diddy September 28, 2007