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1. a person born on the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico; a person of Puerto Rican lineage living in any part of the world, especially the United States. 2. a type of Latino gene pool, considered by many to be the most mixed and diverse. 3. warriors or warrior blood that culminates beautiful, strong, powerful people.
The guy's eyes look greyish-honey. Does he wear contacts? Answer: No, he is Puerto Rican, and that is his natural eye color. Those Puerto Ricans are very proud of their culture and island; it must be because of their history, beauty, fearlessness, talents, and that damn beautiful, special island of theirs... Mommy, I wish I was Puerto Rican instead of Mexican. Why wasn't I born in Puerto Rico?
by malvin June 14, 2007
1.The sublime supreme LAW of the Universe. The vibration of everything and anything in the Universe: ENERGY.
2.Mantra created by Nichiren who revealed to the world the Dai Gohonzon, when chanted, one immediately taps into Buddhahood, an enlightened state of mind, body, and spirit. Also, time without end...
3.The Title of the Lotus Sutra.
4.Nam=Devotion (to the)
MyoHo=Mystic Law (of the)
Renge=Lotus Flower
1. Nam-Myho-Renge-Kyo is the mirror to both the soul and the Universe. It explains how the entire Universe is interdependent and interconnected, and it's the Law of the Gods.
2. When I chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo, I bring out the Universe from within and connect it to the Universe above.
3. My vibrations are heard when I chant Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo. It will protect you and guide you through this lifetime and the next.
by malvin April 02, 2008
A Mavro is a Black person or a stupid ghetto person who exudes black-like qualities. Mavro is of Greek origin, and many Greeks use the word as a derogatory to label inept, black, and/or ugly dark people. Mavro can be pluralized into Mavros.
1. Stop acting all ghetto because you are not a mavro.
2. Why you dress like a mavro, so ugly?
3. You are not a mavro because you are Puerto Rican and you don't look like those mavros.
4. Your nose is big and fat...are you a mavro?
4. Greeks love mavros.
5. Greeks hate Puerto Ricans.
by malvin December 04, 2007
1. assiduous (tough) practice done by many Buddhist schools around the word that incorporates the recitation of a sutra and a mantra to an object of veneration.
2. a powerful practice of chanting and meditation that allows one to tap into the mysteries of the mind and the Universe.
3. Chanting Nam-Myho-Renge-Kyo to the Gohonzon and recitation of the Expedient Means and The Life Span of the Thus Come One chapters of the Lotus Sutra of the Sublime Wonderful LAW.
1. Every time I do Gongyo, I chant and get my prayers answered. 2. Gongyo is so essential because I receive so much benefits. 3. The man pratices Gongyo that is why is life force is so strong; you can see a powerful aura around him. 4. Many people who practice Gongyo develop powers like medians and psychics.
by malvin April 02, 2008
1. a derogatory word of Puerto Rican origin that means a black hillbilly person--a tree climber.

2. a derogatory Puerto Rican term to label Black Dominicans.
1. Look at that guy.... He is so wrong and jibaro-like. Yeah, his a newly arrived Dominican trepapalo.

2. Mira ese cocolo trepapalo y su kafreria. Bendito, que lastima.
by malvin February 25, 2008
Puerto Rican version of Hijo de la gran puta, which translate to son-of-a-bitch, or son-of-a-grand-bitch.
1. Mira cabrona...no sea una jiweputa causando problemas con ese tipo rastrero. 2. El muchacho me llamo jiweputa porque le saque el bicho alfrente de todo el mundo. 3. Stop pulling on my hair jiweputa Dominicano, no me gustas.
by malvin December 04, 2007
Reggaeton is an offspring of Reggae, Rap, Panamanian Spanish Reggae and House. The music is a form of Puerto Rican music, and it is constantly confused with it originating from Panama. This is not true because the Panamanians introduced to the world Spanish Reggae, which is a totally different sound. Reggaeton went through many years of underground percolation that fortified the genre to its present-day being. Its long underground history started in the late '80s from the sounds of Rap and Reggae storming the Puerto Rican airwaves. A few years later, the Panamanian sound and lyrical genius of El General officially introduced to the World a new sound, Spanish Reggae.
Puerto Ricans immediately accepted the sounds of Panama, but knew it was lacking, because of the lack of other Panamanians joining, proliferating the movement. Also, variety seemed null. Throughout the years (mid '80s-present), different Underground music movements continued to grow into powerful levels in Puerto Rico. Thanks to public radio stations on the island for a huge variety of radio stations, they all fed of each other directly and indirectly:

*Puerto Rican Rap Underground
*Puerto Rican Reggae Underground
*Puerto Rican Goth Underground
*Puerto Rican House Underground
*Puerto Rican Drum & Base Underground
*Puerto Rican Happy Hardcore Underground
*Puerto Rican Techno/Raver Underground
*Puerto Rican Salsa Mainstream
*Puerto Rican Rumba Mainstream
*Puerto Rican Bomba y Plena Mainstream
*Puerto Rican Freestyle Mainstream and Underground

The different music scenes in Puerto Rico evolved, and Reggaeton was the offspring of all of them. Today, one who listens to Reggaeton will understand if one studies the music well, it is a combination of ALL of the above listed. It will be foolish to say that Reggaeton of today is not evolving, as it is mixing musical forms of the Orient, Middle East, Indian, Dominican Republic and American Rock (samples). Reggaeton is a beautiful music from Puerto Rico because it is Puerto Rico, Past, Present, and Future. Also, Reggaeton is the World, which is evident in its beats. Reggaeton should continue to have a wide variety of stars who will fuel the movement within other movements. This is how Reggaeton will continue to evolve both in Puerto Rico, and the throughout the world in the future. To say that Reggaeton is Panamanian is wrong, as it fed off Panamanian Reggae, but it also fed off many other types of music genres throughout its birth and growth. Reggaeton is an offspring of music. Reggaeton for sure will define ALL music in the future, and it will be really interesting to see what the Youth of Puerto Rico will provide to the world. All eyes are on you Puerto Rico...
1. Wow! What is the amazing beat, says the White lady moving her hips irresistibly?
2. The Asian lady tells her "It's Reggaeton, a type of music from Puerto Rico..."
3. Oh, my god! This stuff is great says the Jamaican who just smoked two blunts...Star, you be wildin'...
4.Diablo loko, esto esta candela, says the Dominican guy to his boy.
5. Makore Motek, Sababa! This is great, says the Israeli girl to her boy friend in Tel Aviv, Israel.
by malvin December 04, 2007

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