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A extinct species of bird, rumoured to have 9 penises and a lazy eye. The specie's population peaked around 1993, the chinese year of the Gobdaines. It is said that on one occasion a lone Norwegian tourist in Greymouth was scornfully rediculed after stepping on a wounded Doldo's scrotum. Fossilized remains of these ancient sexual creatures can be found at the stoke memorial hall and Palmerston North rugby museum.
"Herp Derp" cried the Doldo.

"The thing that strikes me most
is the size of the doldo" - anonymous
by Penismaster18 December 06, 2010
N. Someone who makes bot internet accounts and uses them to gain money and notoriety. No one likes this person.
V. To be a Doldo.
Adj. To be of the Doldo variety.
"I heard Albert's a Doldo. Fuck that guy."
"I was strapped for cash, so I decided to doldo myself out of the situation."
by Jeremy Nuttington March 09, 2014