Doing a Dave is when the main instigator of a night out gets wasted and disappears home early on said night out after persuading everyone it's a good idea to go out. This usually involves Turbo Shandy and cider.
I'm totally wasted man!

Are you doing a Dave?
by moleman2001 January 08, 2012
Top Definition
Used to describe the behaviour of someone who is always in a grump, unable to enjoy even the simplist things in life
"Stop doing a dave on me" she said to the very grumpy faced person in the corner
by *emma* November 04, 2006
Doing a Dave is when while playing Halo, someone gets shot with a Spartan Laser but doesn't die straight away.
This count for multiple hits on the player.
Pete: Did you see that shot? You should have died
Dave: I know
Pete: Yeah, you were Doing a Dave!
by new_messiah October 11, 2010
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