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Staying in your hotel room all evening, whilst on a sex tourist holiday too Thailand and furiously masturbating then sleeping in your clothes.
Antony : Is he out tonight? I could do with some booze.
Allen : Nah he didn't manage too find a girl last night, not for want of trying though. He's staying in and Doing the Michael, again.
by Patongs Finest September 02, 2008
Named after Michael "Mikon" Hermans, one of Patongs most notorius hunters. After a string of knock backs and sleeping alone (sometimes in his clothes). He spent a lot of his time sitting in his hotel room masturbating, alone.
Allen : Did you pick up last night?
Michael : No i slept alone in my clothes, again!
Allen : Ah, you're still 'Doing the Michael' every night?
Michael : Yeah.. then i slept in my clothes.
by Patongs Finest August 26, 2008
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