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Named after Michael "Mikon" Hermans, one of Patongs most notorius hunters. After a string of knock backs and sleeping alone (sometimes in his clothes). He spent a lot of his time sitting in his hotel room masturbating, alone.
Allen : Did you pick up last night?
Michael : No i slept alone in my clothes, again!
Allen : Ah, you're still 'Doing the Michael' every night?
Michael : Yeah.. then i slept in my clothes.
by Patongs Finest August 26, 2008
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Staying in your hotel room all evening, whilst on a sex tourist holiday too Thailand and furiously masturbating then sleeping in your clothes.
Antony : Is he out tonight? I could do with some booze.
Allen : Nah he didn't manage too find a girl last night, not for want of trying though. He's staying in and Doing the Michael, again.
by Patongs Finest September 02, 2008
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