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when someone does something dog act..like ur mate steals ur girl or pinches last cone
"that was the last cone u dogga!"
by royle January 02, 2007
11 12
a huge lip of tobacco, preferably skoal
Can I get a dogga before I go back out to the field?

Do you have any skoal left? I want to pack a huge dogga while I play Madden.

dip chewing tobacco skoal grizzly pup
by SSC Baseball March 08, 2010
26 14
a skanky girl who no-one would touch with a ten foot pole.
that girl is a dogga!
by erin-grace May 11, 2008
24 13
A dog!
Could you please take the dogga for a walk?
That's such a cute dogga!
by helloimkate July 21, 2010
13 9
The best friend in the world. Often female. She is always there in your time of need. Very stylish and her makeup is always off the chain. She tends to give her boyfriends numerical references, leaving position number 1 open for Mr. Right.
What up dogga you look smokin hot today. Which one are you going out with tonight, number two or number three??
by swaggagirls December 19, 2009
6 8
Term of endearment
Thankyou for coming to lunch with me you dogga
by YaMum.Snap August 04, 2009
6 9