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A dirty filthy feed you get from the chinese/take away after drinking a lock of beer resulting in molten lava pouring from your arse all the next day. It may be dog meat that is in the food.
I got a rotten dogbox last night.
by Thick Man December 09, 2008
To be held in a state of disgrace
He's in the dog box because he forgot their wedding anniversary
by Randy17 August 31, 2006
also see: paddywagon
used in Australia, refering to the caged wagons the police use to transport people around in
"last night the cops took my mate away in a dogbox"
by anarchist October 11, 2003
originating from the ancients, this term is used to describe gosu nooblar killers
wow that dogbox is so pimp
by DogBox April 05, 2005
A female K9s genitaila
I inserted my penis into the dogbox, untill i orgasimed.
by Brian Carson August 16, 2006
were a dog sleeps, a dog house
"I'm building a new dog box for my Pittbull."
by DeAndre December 01, 2005
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