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The act of making two dogs fight each other...sometimes to the death. Fags participate in this ritual and retards are also known to take part.
Dumbass #1:"You see that gangsta over there?"

Dumbass #2: "You men the homie that wears his old lady's skirts when he's not around his boys?"

Dumbass #1: "Fo shizzle, he sets up fighting rings for dogs."

Dumbass #2: "Dog Fighting? What a fag."
by FU1000Times!!! November 07, 2011
the act of pitting two dogs against each other in a desperate struggle for retard fueled dominance
person 1: yo did you see that dog fighting

Person 2: ya man i heard that was michael vicks pit
by yayerrr June 02, 2010
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