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Or Dog Cock; journalist slang for the exclamation mark (!)
A full stop's not enough for that sentence - better add a dog's cock.
by Gugus August 12, 2006
An offensive term to call someone an idiot or to imply that they are stupid.
Person A gets a question wrong on the pub quiz machine;
Person 2 : "You big dogs cock".
by Welsh Anon May 15, 2007
Also "dogcock" or "dogscock." British journalese for an exclamation mark (!) due to the visual similarity. Considered vulgar but widely used within the industry.

Mentioned in Lynn Truss's book EATS, SHOOTS AND LEAVES.
"Can't we get along with just one dog's cock on that banner? Surely three is going over the top."
by al-in-chgo March 03, 2011
The plastic piece of a phone cord that secures the cord in the opening of the handset. Similar to how the penis of a male dog locks into the vagina of a female dog.
Oh shit, I yanked on the phone cord too hard and I broke my dogscock off.
by Richard N. Grundle September 10, 2010
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