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A Badly dressed rent boy that frequents portaloos
Just watch the TV programme Doctor Who!
by H11nky April 24, 2011
Half Human and half Gallifreyan Time Lord who saves our planet on a regular basis. His birth place of Gallifrey has been destroyed.
Did you see Doctor Who last night?
by Arron Clements April 14, 2005
Slang name for penis
"My Doctor Who (doctor) had plenty of room in that tardis she's got!"
by batmum July 27, 2006
1. A once excellent show that has now, rather sadly, gone up its own (or Russell T Davies's) arse.
As in:

"Doctor Who was best when it was like Hammer House of Horror! Not a ruddy soap opera!"


"Cut out the soppy crap & end it when the story ends not drag it out for another 15 minutes!"


"Doesn't anybody care anymore?"

---The cries of Dr Who's true fans.
by beep_the_meep_rules July 12, 2008