Very addicting, emotional, and action-packed series on BBC and BBC-America.
Me- Have you ever seen Doctor Who?
Person With No Life- No, it's really stupid.
Person With No Life- *cries excessively* I'll go watch it on Netflix I promise.
Me- Don't blink. Don't even blink.
by future companion February 20, 2015
A television series first airing on November 23, 1963 (It is older than Star Trek and Star Wars). The show revolves around a Time Lord, the last of his kind, and going by the name of The Doctor.

He travels through time and space in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimensions In Space). The TARDIS's Chameleon Circuit is broken which is why it always appears as a vintage blue police box. It is also bigger on the inside, Time Lord technology.

The Doctor is usually found traveling with a companion. Each companion has their own personality and backstory.

We are currently on the 12th Doctor played by Peter Capaldi and 813 episodes have been released as of the end of season 8 of the New Who.
Hot guy: "Hey, you wanna go out for dinner?"

True Whovian: "Hell no!! I'm watching Doctor Who!" *hisses*
by ZebraMaster7 March 09, 2015
Doctor Who is one of the best Sci-Fi shows of all time. Produced by the BBC it first aired in 1963. The show follows a man called The Doctor from the planet Galifrey. The Doctor is the last of the Time Lords an ancient race of humanoid with two hearts. The Doctor can regenerate this causes his appearance to change. He travels with companions the latest being Clara Oswald. They travel in time and space saving lives and planets from threats. There are currently over 800 Doctor Who episodes. There are also may spin-offs including Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Doctor Who is full of emotion and Timey Wimey stuff that makes your brain hurt. Pure Brilliance.
Doctor Who
by Thenerp December 20, 2014
Doctor Who is a BBC science-fiction TV show. It first aird from 1963-89, then revived in 2005.
The show follows an alien known only as "The Doctor" who has a time machine disguised as a 1950's Police Box. It is much bigger on the inside, and is known as the TARDIS. The Doctor's species is "Time Lord". They have the ability to regenerate (a process by which they change their bodies when they are fatally injured to escape death; each Time Lord has a maximum of 12 regenerations).
The Doctor usually travels in the company of humans, at least one of which is always a young, often attractive female. They travel through time and space, saving planets, rescuing civilizations, defeating monsters, righting wrongs and doing an awful lot of running.
The revived series is one of the best series of anything ever created by the hands of man, and the opening titles sequence of series 1-4 was INCREDIBLE. However, the 5th series was widly regarded as crap, and, contrary to popular belief, this had nothing to do with the new actor playing The Doctor. It was mainly due to the craptacular and cheap new opening sequence, the mediocre and boring new theme, unexciting plots, unecessary and bad redesigning of most aspects of the series, lack of recurring characters, consistent plot holes and continuity errors, and most of all, the HORRIFIC mutilation of the Daleks, who had, up until series 5, been perfect in their design, but were terribly redesigned in series 5.
1) "Wow! That episode of Doctor Who was so cool! Did you see the Sontaran ship explode? It was awesome!"

2) "Man! That episode was crap! Why did they redesign the Daleks? Now they look like obese telletubbies!
by imjustchillin April 19, 2011
A TV show or syfy TV movie that you have never watched because you were too busy working, eating and pursuing sex...
Watch Doctor WHO?! No broseph, I got a date...
by Gay Snake Charmer December 23, 2011
THE good doctor!! w00t

Popular science fiction show. UK

Tom Baker was the best doctor BTW

He uses the TARDIS on a regular basis
w00t TARDIS. its the good doctor who!!!
by djjiles February 20, 2005
A Badly dressed rent boy that frequents portaloos
Just watch the TV programme Doctor Who!
by H11nky April 24, 2011

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