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Doctor Who is a BBC science-fiction TV show. It first aird from 1963-89, then revived in 2005.
The show follows an alien known only as "The Doctor" who has a time machine disguised as a 1950's Police Box. It is much bigger on the inside, and is known as the TARDIS. The Doctor's species is "Time Lord". They have the ability to regenerate (a process by which they change their bodies when they are fatally injured to escape death; each Time Lord has a maximum of 12 regenerations).
The Doctor usually travels in the company of humans, at least one of which is always a young, often attractive female. They travel through time and space, saving planets, rescuing civilizations, defeating monsters, righting wrongs and doing an awful lot of running.
The revived series is one of the best series of anything ever created by the hands of man, and the opening titles sequence of series 1-4 was INCREDIBLE. However, the 5th series was widly regarded as crap, and, contrary to popular belief, this had nothing to do with the new actor playing The Doctor. It was mainly due to the craptacular and cheap new opening sequence, the mediocre and boring new theme, unexciting plots, unecessary and bad redesigning of most aspects of the series, lack of recurring characters, consistent plot holes and continuity errors, and most of all, the HORRIFIC mutilation of the Daleks, who had, up until series 5, been perfect in their design, but were terribly redesigned in series 5.
1) "Wow! That episode of Doctor Who was so cool! Did you see the Sontaran ship explode? It was awesome!"

2) "Man! That episode was crap! Why did they redesign the Daleks? Now they look like obese telletubbies!
by imjustchillin April 19, 2011
Shuffling is described by some as "dancing", when in fact, it as actually when you drag your feet along the floor instead of walking.
The so-called "dance" is when the "dancer" jerks bits of their body around in an awkward-looking fashion, that sort of looks like a cross between poor attempts at the robot, the moonwalk and miming all at once.

It basically makes the person look like a complete idiot, try-hard and wannabe. It is for people who know they can't dance properly, or who are just too ashamed of themselves to dance like a normal person.
Shuffling is NOT dancing. It is what you do when you want to look like an idiot and an amateur.
"Oh my god! He's having an epileptic fit!"
"No, he's just shuffling"

Normal person: "What the fuck are you doing?!"
Idiot: "Shuffling! It's this new dance craze. See how cool I look!"
Normal person: "No, you look like a complete ass!"
by imjustchillin April 25, 2011

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