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To be broken, or to breakdown. Also the art of vomiting
By ipod doce'd on me.

dont doce her feeling like that

She doced al over the place.
by Therionx April 22, 2011
Slang for LSD/Acid
Man i got some great doces, i was tripping my shit for hours.
by Captain Morgan1 April 10, 2009
to shit on somebody
"I doced on that nigga, a few times." -Mac Dre
by mas187 October 11, 2010
The adjective "dope" and the abbreviaton "dec" of decent conveniently put into one word, making it somewhere inbetween the two in relation to how good somthing was.
Fred: "Man that party was dope last night!"
Jack: "Yeah pretty dec, i've been to better."
Hugh: "I'm thinkin yeah, kinda doce."
by Mitch O December 16, 2006
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