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To be broken, or to breakdown. Also the art of vomiting
By ipod doce'd on me.

dont doce her feeling like that

She doced al over the place.
by Therionx April 22, 2011
4 0
Slang for LSD/Acid
Man i got some great doces, i was tripping my shit for hours.
by Captain Morgan1 April 10, 2009
4 0
to shit on somebody
"I doced on that nigga, a few times." -Mac Dre
by mas187 October 11, 2010
3 3
The adjective "dope" and the abbreviaton "dec" of decent conveniently put into one word, making it somewhere inbetween the two in relation to how good somthing was.
Fred: "Man that party was dope last night!"
Jack: "Yeah pretty dec, i've been to better."
Hugh: "I'm thinkin yeah, kinda doce."
by Mitch O December 16, 2006
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