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A brand of footwear created in England and worn predominantly by those in the punk or skinhead cultures.

It is not spelled Doc Martins.

The official name is Dr. Martens.
I went to the show last night and bootstomped some jackass with my Doc Martens.
by theillien January 29, 2007
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Also known as Doc's and Dr. Martens very well known for having a yellow stitching that bonds the bubbery air cushion sole. This footwear was developed by Dr. Klaus Märtens of Germany. The first Dr. Martens boots in the United Kingdom came out on 1 April, 1960 (hence known as style 1460 and still in production today) with an eight-eyelet, cherry-red, Nappa leather design. Doc's where first worn by working class people, then later adopted by the skinheads and punk rockers in the late 1960's. Goths, new wavers, and hardcore punks wore them in the 80's then they where adopted by the grungers and skankers in the 90's. Today, Doc's have been gaining popularity back by Indie, bohemians, urban twenty-something's, stoners, even college kids.

Doc Martens carry out many functions. They're great for camping out, riding a bike, kicking A**, getting your A** kicked, keeping your feet warm, looking sexy, being a fashion rebel
Her Doc Martens look cute. My Doc Martens got scuffed while I was breaking a fall on my fixie. I went to the independent art gallery and every five people where sporting a pair of Doc Martens. These Doc Marten feel comfy on my feet.
by TheBoogieLady October 17, 2010
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The coolest shoes/boots on the planet. Usually called gay or ugly by ignorant and/or stupid people.
This scene girl called my doc martens gay and I killed her.
by mmmartian April 11, 2010
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The preferable shoe brand for serial killers/ criminals.
Victim: "Are you going to kill me?"

Serial Killer: "Hang on, I need to put my Doc Martens on first."

Victim: "Oh."
by Poop001 September 28, 2009
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I really wanted some floral doc martens after I saw that hipster rocking them with a vintage scarf, huge sweater, and ripped shorts.
by heckafre$h April 02, 2010
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The correct spelling of the boot. Not that a punk should care what someone else thinks, but seriously... A poser because they can't spell? A poser because they can't afford Doc Martens? That's plain ridiculous. You obviously DON'T know you're history of Punk. Back in the 70s-80s punks would steal anything they wanted and couldn't afford. ESPECIALLY in England. Nowadays, you can't really get away with that so much. So, the only real reason a Punk wouldn't own Docs because they've got other boots is

A: They can't afford Docs

B: They don't have access to a computer

C: They prefer monkey boots

So, I'm sure that those things totally define a poser, right?
For REAL Punks, the only reason that clothing has anything to do with being a poser is wearing a band t. Posers are people who look it, but don't listen to/like it. You, my friend, are a poser. You call people posers because they don't know how to spell Docs like you do. WELL, Punk isn't about doing what people like, and it certainly isn't a spelling bee, so maybe you should reconsider what a poser is.
Ohai, my name is slipsheet, I go around teh intarnetz calling peeple posarz becuz I haf to prove that I am moar Punx then them!!1! Its doc martens, nawt doc martins u poser!
by sleepsheet likes anal. August 19, 2010
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