Dobie is a naval term for wash. It is generally used with other words such as Dobie-dust or Dobie-powder meaning washing powder.
Instant-dobie is slang for deoderant or anti-perspirant as the act of putting deoderant on is joked to be a quick wash for 'stinky sailors' instead of them taking a shower.
hey dave, take a god damn shower instead of using the instant dobie. you stink of shit
by aboywithaploy February 24, 2012
Top Definition
When you take a dump and it comes out in one huge glob. Also has to to be done in under 5 second.
I was playing on xbox live and told the guys i would be back in a min i had to take a dobie before i shit myself.
by darklord477 May 20, 2009
A stud. He fucks bitches and gets money. Flyer than a G6. Like a boss.
That kids so cool, hes almost like Dobie!
by jakeistheshit July 11, 2010
Spazz, Rage, or Freak-out.
I went to open my trunk, and a naked asian jumped out and hit me with a crowbar, he had the biggest dobie ever.
by SovietUnion July 13, 2010
Bulshitter, talks crap, speaks bolluks,
stop being a "dobie"!!
by Peter Short June 14, 2007
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