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To dip the feet into a body of water to cool them off, as on a long hike. From "Dunk + sOAK".
Joe, we hiked seven miles on that mountain and my dogs are barking! How about we do a doak in those rapids by the hill?
by pentozali July 15, 2009
4 18
An extreme state of pleasure or contentness.
Dude, that party was DOAK!

How you feeling man?
I'm doak as fuck!

The ass on that bitch was DOAKKKK.
by Doak-ster September 02, 2008
44 28
“ DOAK (pronounced: d-oh-ck): adj. Acronym for “Deeds of a King”. Used to describe something as “awesome”, “epic”, or “badass”
: 1. Man, this music is doak! 2. Dude, that kickflip was freakin’ doak! 3. Let’s get the
by DeedsLeadGuitar April 27, 2011
12 4
synonym for cool, or awesome
that guy is so doaks
by nayjay May 04, 2008
2 2
A butthole of asian origin
I would love to tongue Lucy Liu's doak.
by B429 January 30, 2009
18 23
see thag
ajp doak
by king ltjmdbkH,ggkguptjtjgpyyxn August 26, 2008
4 11