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Doads - used to describe female breast of any size, shape or form.
She has a cracking set of doads.

Man I would love to give her doads a diddy ride

Her doads swung back and forth in a frenzy as I took her from behind.
by Doadmaster March 25, 2009

2 a : an equal in rank, power, or character : PEER b : one of a pair : MATE

3 : A slur comparing one to a phallic representation, often used to describe a dildo or someone who is dildoesque in appearance or disposition.

4 a obsolete : a person of one of the lower social classes

5 : A masturbatory device typically formed in the shape of a penis. Can also be used as a slur or term of endearment.
"Wow, you're are such a fucking doad!"

"That slut had a 14' doad in her purse"

"Doad! Its good to see you doad!"

"My shorts were too short and my doad was swinging free, I was like the Liberty Bell!"
by Matphat June 09, 2004
scottish term for a shit,mainly use in the glasgow area
Jesus Christ man i gaging for a doad

Here man look at the size of my doad

That dog just doaded on my shoes
by Rodney Spank December 27, 2007
similar in origin to 'choad', however this variation means a penis that has a bellend that is several times wider than the shaft. This results in a curved, dome-like penis that rather resembles a giant red mushroom, or in some flatter cases, a medieval shield. Use as such however, is certainly not recommended, however tempting it may seem.

Also used as a term of abuse.
"Ouch, God damn it, he shot an arrow right into my doad! It was a bad idea using it as a shield!"
"You can be a right doad sometimes Chris."
by Bellster July 12, 2006
A complete loser.
Dude, that guy's a full on doad.
by The Colonel July 18, 2003
1. A penis.

2. A dude who's a dumbass

"...she reached down there and started pulling on my DOAD, and before I knew it, I was seven inches deep in that ho..."

Kevin was the biggest DOAD I ever lived with
by playa j-tizzle November 21, 2005
East coast version of "dude"
Pass the wank-shaft doad!
by Poo bong nugget jooses November 27, 2003

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