(adj.) Having a jazzy or bluesy quality or the quality of a cheesey nightclub singer like the kind Bill Murray used to play on Saturday Night Live, esp. in a non-jazz context. Pronounced as if ending in an exclamation point.
Ravel's "Le Gibet" contains many dow chords. Sometimes when Jessye Norman sings she sounds kinda dow.
by Cynthia Dow July 15, 2011
to state "yes"; affirmative.
Wanna go out?
Dow, man. Let's go.
by Scottbag September 06, 2005
A shorter version for the word "doubt it."
TBone: Ay yo shawty, even though you're 500 pounds you wanna go run 50 laps with me?

Janeekwa: (While eating 4 McDonald value meals) DOWWW!
by A-TRAIN Chooo Chooo September 21, 2006
A Mutation of a dog and a cow, named a Dow. It's bark sounds like the word 'Moof'
Dow Says "Moof!"
by Zenayi July 21, 2003
the ned family from leven
they dows are a bunch of neds
by David Richardson March 01, 2005
(noun) A certian sound made on the school's keyboard that Megan and her friends think is HILARIOUS!
Mr. Dow now!
by Aisha-Rockelle December 05, 2003

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