To wish someone death whilst they are sitting on the toilet; most likely in some excruciatingly painful anal explosion that involves blood and feces thrown everywhere. DIE ON THE TOLIET.
Asshole Friend: Hey Dude, so your hittin that aren't you!
Dude: You know what Asshole, Die On The Toilet! (D.O.T.T.)
Asshole Friend: I just might, I just might!
by philfromphilly February 18, 2008
Top Definition
"Day of The Tentacle"
Second part of Maniac Mansion
Lucas Arts adventure game released in 1993.
You have to help Bernard (in the present), Hoagie(in the past) and Laverne(in the future) to save the world from Purple Tentacle.
"DoTT it's the best adventure game ever!"
"Do you know where I can find the gold to make the battery in DoTT?"
by 11claudiaAM May 14, 2005
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