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Its a pretty good city south of Detroit. Contrary to popular belief on this site, its not full of gangsters and skanks, but has respectable people. There are however people who think they are gangster living in Wyandotte, but the average person knows that they are just poor and trying to act cool.
Person 1: Dude I was talking to this gangsta from Wyandotte. He was so hood.
Me: Shut up. Anyone living in Wyandotte is not hood. He was probably someone who moved here from Ecorse or River Rouge and is living in a rental house.
by someone42 August 20, 2008
its a nice city south of detriott. its not full of skanks. some people think their hard but most people are preppy. its a nice city with alott to do. & the girls arent dirtyy or grubby. its a beautiful place to live. <3 (:
wyandotte is an amazing place.
by savyboo August 02, 2009
a suburb south of detroit. commonly known as the "dirtydotte" or "wyandirt"
this place is lame as fuck
your mom is from wyandotte, therefore she is dirty
by superdeeduper69 October 24, 2007
A suburb south of detroit. Commonly known as the "dirtydotte" or "wayndirt" mainly because all the people there are dirty skanks.
"yo those chicks from wyandotte were grubby as fuck!"
by bugaboo69 November 04, 2007
A suburb of Detroit. Often referred to as "the dirtydotte" or the "crimedotte", because of how many OG's, gangsters, gangstas, crooks and other people that think they are hood that live here.
"I'm so hood 'cause I'm from the crimedotte!"
"Ohhh, you mean Wyandotte..... YOU FAG!"
by hellabomb1999 December 31, 2007
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