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Slang for telling somebody to "Piss off"
Why don't you just 'Do one!'?
by Simon February 21, 2003
Used as an insult towards a certain person. Telling someone to "Do One" means to tell that person to go away or get lost. Can be combined with yeah mate
Person 1: Hey guys, check out my new pokemon cards 8-)
Person 2: Yeah mate DO ONE!
by A.Scott July 20, 2009
To clear up the confusion of "To Do One"
A dissapearing act. {do a dissapearing act}

Do a dissapearing act, fuck off, leave, depart, bugger orf, remove oneself, make yourself Scarce
Alt - Do a richard
Do One.
"Canvey, Ben has left work early. He has gone and done one."

"Dude it is Freds round where is he.
He has done one ages ago."

by April 03, 2009
a fish eating mammal with a sexy mum. also see: carpet muncher.
doone watches as k*z licks her mums carpet
by kezreena November 19, 2006
to run away or to drive away
"shit, ive just ran over a old lady....... DO ONE!!!!!"
by James February 05, 2004
The most outrageous insane bad ass hot mama you will ever meet! SHE has the nicest ass on the block if you wanna have a good time you wanna meet a doone. She may be weird but shes freakaayyyy
Ralph: dude! im feelin crazy lets f shit up

Austin: BRO lets get a Doone!
by gsjhsdljkfklj December 08, 2010
One who excels in the art of dick sucking.
Joe: So how was ur night last night?
You: It was awesome, she was totally a doone.
by billybobjoe2222 August 04, 2009
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