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2 definitions by fosters.top

To clear up the confusion of "To Do One"
A dissapearing act. {do a dissapearing act}

Do a dissapearing act, fuck off, leave, depart, bugger orf, remove oneself, make yourself Scarce
Alt - Do a richard
Do One.
"Canvey, Ben has left work early. He has gone and done one."

"Dude it is Freds round where is he.
He has done one ages ago."

by fosters.top April 03, 2009
Ceasing to exist, Dead, no longer living, Kaput, six feet under, Pre mung.

Wendy is dead {she has done a Richard}
Doing a Richard.

"Guy, you are never going to believe this. Jade has only gone and done a Richard!"
by fosters.top April 03, 2009