What the right wing media does with their left hand, so that you don't notice them reducing your wages, benefits, retirement and rights to privacy, organization and human treatment by your employer and government with the other hand. Seeright wing paranoid wackosouthern redneck
They're going to take your guns!!!!! What do you mean they gave the corporations individual rights without having to pay individual income tax?

Watch my left hand, pay no attention to the oil company (distraction) behind the screen.
by Duke Mt. one January 18, 2011
Top Definition
A person of the opposite gender which is not a significant other, but has enough "beyond friendship" feelings and possibilities attached to him/her that this person creates a major loss of productive time whenever s/he is available for contact.
The distraction is online. I won't get any homework done anytime soon.
by Distraction Central April 02, 2009
A woman that is extremely beautiful that she takes your concentration off eveything around you. A woman that causes you to watch her, and her only. A woman that when she walks by you stop talking and just watch her and stare.
I was in chemistry class and I stopped taking notes due to the distractions.
by Klips January 09, 2006
Something used to pull the attention off of someone/thing that is much more important, such as Television, friends, food, sleep, etc... Often used to avoid boredom
Man, this homework is killing me, I need a distraction
by Luckyboy14 March 08, 2010
A literal distraction. Best sent by texts or IM's for best. It makes whoever gets distracted feel like a tool, or smile. both are common emotions. Best used when you're playing an online game with someone and you text them, distracting them from whatever you're doing.

hell, you could even distract them from being distracted, the possibilities are endless.
Person 1: baking cookies
Person 2 : *text* DISTRACTION!
Person 1: *text* you dirty whore i was baking cook-
Person 2: *text* DISTRACTION!
Person 2: *text* Your cookies are burning.
*cookies are on fire*
by Paddy O'Mally May 07, 2009
A self-created problem where another subject, object or person has brought your attention off of the activity, subject, object or person you were originally fixated on. This is usually caused by a lack of interest in the initial subject, or just plain weakness.
Guy 1 "You are a distraction."
Guy 2 " No, you just have a horrible attention span. Maybe you should work on ignoring your surroundings more."
by Glumpher October 20, 2011
people who stop you doing work in class.
mainly math and psych.
always wishing
Sarah: Im trying to do work
Sarah: arrgghhhhhh your such a distraction!
by youwishjellyfish March 27, 2011
A new show (As of February 2005) on Comedy Central, it's alright.
There was this one bit where the host would give the capital of a country, and the contestants would have to name the country...The tricky bit is after they buzzed in, they'd get a bottle smashed over their head.

Host: Madrid
Contestant: *buzz*
Man: *smashes bottle over head of contestant*
Contestant: Duhh...uhh...Italy...
by A non-e-mouse February 03, 2005
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