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Someone that isn't even worthy of being called something that exists. Also can be used to call someone a loner. Not to be mistaken as 'Dissed'.
Spammer: "Make a wish, post this to 10 things, and look at ur hand lol."
Person: "Dumbass."
Person 2: "He's not even a dumbass. That's to kind. he just a dist."
by Darkneo449 January 30, 2011
To distance oneself from another person, or situation. Pronounced the same as the past tense of diss.
I'm gonna dist myself from making a quote.
by Jacob May 03, 2004
"distance", abbreviated. much better usage in the sentence "way off in the dist". without the way off, it's basically...way off.
proper usage:
"yo bro hit me up"
"naw man my piece is way off in the dist"
"dude what's the matter with your results? this data is way off in the dist"

improper usage:
"the dist of the hypotenuse is 5"
"keep your dist!"
"smoke in the dist"
by MamaJuski February 11, 2006
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