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What you say to someone who has just said something or done something so completely embarrassing or stupid you wish YOU could go hide under a small bush due to the shame being emitted from said person.
1. John: "Yeah uh so last weekend I went out to town and bought myself a XBOX360."

Me: "Dude...unless you're joking I'm gonna disown all knowledge of ever being your friend, talking to you or even knowing of your SORRY EXISTANCE ON THIS PLANET."

2. Matt: "So I was on WoW'ing the other night and I met this hawt Lvl 60 Night Elf at Ironforge. Yeah at the end of the night I ended up jacking off over webcam for her."

Me: "...disowned."

Matt: "What?"

Me: "You're disowned."

Matt: "Wh..."

Me: "Disowned."

Matt: "Bu..."

by Metalhead For Life November 08, 2006
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Disown is to refuse to acknowledge a person/being.
To refuse to have ever knowing this person or being.
Jana went out and bought a dime bag.
Mark then disowned her for a year until she went to rehab.
by Joe Yo December 08, 2007
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What you should do to any dumbass who goes around saying "owned".
You just got dis-owned you little pwned homos.I just disown -ed YOU.
by loloserz September 07, 2005
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What you do to anyone who says "OWNED" or "OWN3D" or "pwn3d" or "pawned",etc.
Haha,you stupid little shit fucks just got disOWNED!!!
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