A new word in 2008 for being rich and or outgoing/popular without any effort
Jheeeze dat guys gone dirty thirty!

Im not a hater, buh shes a dirty thirty bitch

lool dirty thirty bwoii
by Anonymizzle14 August 22, 2008
When a Penis is 30 percent erect.
Ron: That fat bitch has a peeping thong!
Steve: Yeah but it's kinda hot. I got a dirty thirty
by item535 June 09, 2005
The holday described as "The St. Paddy's Day of Smoking" Mostly tobacco, dirty thirty happens when the 30th day of the month falls on a saturday or friday.
Dude, What you gonna do for dirty thirty? im gonna smoke my fucking balls off bro!
by Anita Wang March 26, 2007
Someone lays in the pre-anal sex posistion and spreads their cheeks while a very friendly companion pours a double shot of tequila into their gaping void. After thirty minutes of holding the shots inside of their rectum, the companion places their lips around their partner's anus as they fart the shot of diahquila into their welcoming mouth.
My poop shoot hurts from the Dirty Thirty last night!
I've been backed up for a week from the Dirty Thirty!
by martinswiggart January 24, 2008
A blunt/joint of weed laced with cocaine. There is no limit to the amount of cocaine you can use to create a Dirty Thirty, however it is usually a half of a gram or about Thirty dollars worth.
I need some yay to go along with this green so I can roll up a dirty thirty.
by Scrapiron October 06, 2005
A bad type of Marijuana, most likely having seed's inside of the buds.
Mostly "brick weed" or weed that is dense and extremely compacted. Most bud smokers like fluffy weed.
-Luke always has dem Dirty Thirties.

-I grabed a snacth offa Jim the other day, and found out that it was Dirty Thirties, and i payed for dro.
by Moley the mole-ester October 14, 2008

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