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To fart in ones hand and then slap someone else directly in the face. The object of a Dirty Tyler is to do it quick enough so the slapped person can smell and taste it.
Whoever loses the bet will recieve 3 Dirty Tylers.
by Kidconfidence February 04, 2009
When one is receiving a blow job then decides to aim the load up the nostril of the blowee so they have to blow it out like a snot rocket.
Jimmy's nostrils are so big I decided to give him a dirty tyler.
by The Chris owns December 06, 2006
When a naked drunken person sits on a platter of chicken and it rides up their ass crack.

see also: ass chicken
Last night at the party, Jeremy did a Dirty Tyler and then tried to make me eat it!
by Moneylove December 11, 2007

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