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To disregard, discredit, or disrespect.

Throwing dirt on someones name.

*Though used in Canada, it is not only Western Canadian slang. It is used commonly in the US ranging widely from NY to California since the late 70's (if not before that).

It is also a popular word in the U.K.
Me: What happened to your eye?

John: Mikey and I got into a fight over Cecilia and he snuffed me in the face.

Me: Wait, what? Cecilia that girl you've been dating?

John: Yep.

Me: Wow and he was supposed to be your homeboy too... Damn you were dirted hardcore.

John: I know he shitted on me, but paybacks a bitch.
#disregard #snub #shitted #disrespect #homeboy
by Crystella Marie April 22, 2009
Getting right wrecked off your mind. Drinking copious amounts of liquid alcohol, well doing an excessive amount of drugs.
Did you see Pharrell??!!
He drank a 26 of 151, and snorted an 8-ball of coke. He was straight dirted!!

Im getting right dirted tonight. I bought a pound of weed and a 40 of whiskey. Hells ya! Party on Garth!!
#drunk #high #drugs #fuckered #party #gointer #alcohol #weed #coke #cocaine #8 ball #snort #whiskey #shittered #26 #40 #beer #rye
by streetthug11 May 15, 2011
Western Canadian slang meaning to discard in an uncaring fashion. Also means to discredit, disrespect or otherwise judge unworthy of consideration. Likened to throwing something unwanted in the dirt.
Suzy and I were going strong until she up and dirted me one day. I never saw it coming. I'm gonna dirt her to everyone she knows ... payback's a bitch.
#discarded #discredited #disrespected #dumped #rejected
by Lornius December 19, 2005
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