something really janky or crappy.
"My new phone is so dirpy, it doesn't even have t9 word."

"Look at this dirpy top!"
by bridget_kathleen December 30, 2008
Top Definition
A conglomeration of the words "dirty" and "hippy"; a dirty hippy. A bearded boy who is more than likely an English or philosophy major and owns at least 12 pairs of Chuck Taylors. These elusive creatures can be sighted at coffee shops and Whole Foods Markets; they are more than likely vegetarians or vegans. He smokes weed daily, but only showers once a week.
Zac, the dirpy, has the most impressive beard I've ever seen!
by beck7489 January 16, 2010
1. A flirtatious mood. To act gleefully towards that special someone.

2. Crazy, or whacky.
"She got me goin DIRPY"

Crazy Flirt durpy love jumpy
by Ka Moku November 30, 2009
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