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Mocking of all Middle Eastern's
Baka-Bakalaka Dirka Mohammed Jihad
by zdmfng April 17, 2006
One of the only words spoken in Arabic.
"dirka dirka dirka, mohammad jihad"
by PFC Mike April 23, 2006
a word to tease a friend who resembles the steryotypical suicide bomber. also a pyro
*friend says somthing pyro*

"your such a dirka..."
by Karl Evensburrough February 23, 2008
A person of east-indian ethnicity, who enjoys pretending to be black, while actually suffering from extreme cowardice, lacking in fighting skills, and who must have an advantage to stand a chance in a fight (ie. knife). Also, someone who must have at least a 5 to 1 ratio in favor of themselves before commencing a fight, and who enjoys living with at least 15 people in the same, average sized house.
I got jumped by a dozen dirkas last night. It was close but i still won the fight.
by robin birdman mahony November 23, 2006
A word used to describe a person, place OR thing that is; jacked off, fucked up, stupid, inferior, questionable, strange or fucked off.

This word may be integrated with other words, for example; dirkalicious, dirkafied, dirkatabulous
Now this is just fuckin' dirka Patrick, dirka!

Your so dirka, nasty.
by lady snowflake of the 615 July 06, 2010
A term given to identify an individual of the gay/lesbian persuasion. Often used when walking down the street and want to point out a gay to a friend but want to do so in a subtle manner. Can be used in the following versions for various types of gays:
1. Dirka-Straight up gay
2. Dirkaaaaa-Hot gay
3. Dirka dorka-Gay person who thinks they are straight.
4. Dirka dyka-Lesbian
"Oh my god, check out that dirka over there" or "where are all the dirka dykas? Are they in hiding?"
by nickylicky February 23, 2006
1. Another way of calling somone a complete idiot with no common sense.
2. A language for talking to idiots where the word is said repeatedly.
Phil: Oh my god Brittany, you're such a dirka!
Brittany: Dirka dirka dirka?
by Patrick Chester February 15, 2006

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