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One who inserts their penis in a vagina or asshole but fails to ejaculate due to an unfortunate cause.
Nick was railing his girlfriend when his parents came home and nick couldn't finish. Wow! What a dipdick
#cock block #pussy #limp dick #whiskey dick #flacid
by They call me balls deep March 11, 2009
Sticking your dick in another persons ass hole. Before ejaculation your dog unexpectedly comes out of nowhere and licks your sweaty ball sack macking you pull out quickly with your shit dick. After doing so you go hunt down the dog and kill it but then stuff it as a memory.
Chris was getting Andy from behind when their dog came out of nowhere and licked his balls. What dipdicks! That was the second time this had happened. They should have known better and tied the dog up.
#ass hole #ejaculation #shit dick #ball sack #dick
by theycallmeballsdeep March 20, 2009
When taking a shit, and because your dicks too big, it dips in the bowl.
Person 1: "I have to stand when I bust a grumpy so I don't get dipdick...nawmean?"

Tom Brady: 😭 "I'll never know what thats like..."
#dip #dick #tom brady #shit #shitting #dump #piss backwards #drop a deuce #blow some mud #drop a brick #lay a brown egg #unhitch a load
by Itz_Coleman January 22, 2015
This term is used when you knowingly or unknowingly receive oral sex from a person that uses chewing tobacco. Creating a "my dick just chewed" sensation.
Hey Enus, I just went to that NASCAR event lookin' for some redneck satisfaction, and I got some nasty dip dick from Ellie-Mae!! : ' (((
#dick #dip #oral sex #blowjob #dirtydick
by KRUMMBELIVABLE! July 09, 2009
receiving oral sex from a tobacco chewer.
AWWWW me and knapp hooked up last night and i totes got some bad case of the dipdick.
#blowjob #oral sex #felatio #knapp #tobacco
by stonemartin January 16, 2009
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