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Sticking your dick in another persons ass hole. Before ejaculation your dog unexpectedly comes out of nowhere and licks your sweaty ball sack macking you pull out quickly with your shit dick. After doing so you go hunt down the dog and kill it but then stuff it as a memory.
Chris was getting Andy from behind when their dog came out of nowhere and licked his balls. What dipdicks! That was the second time this had happened. They should have known better and tied the dog up.
by theycallmeballsdeep March 20, 2009
The act of getting you penis into a tight situation. Usually another guys ass. When you pull out it is completely covered with shit and a piece of corn right on the tip of your cock.
Chris got himself a shitydick this weekend after that party. When he was done doin it with 300 he had a whole ear of corn on his tiny little pecker.
by theycallmeballsdeep March 31, 2009
A guy with a very small cock. This person may have been a female (homo) at one point in time. Also known as a needle dick, popsicle stick, and or tooth pick.
Nick: Is that a guy or a girl?
Chris: I don't know but it has 2 belly buttons.
Nick: Ah...no dude thats not a belly button thats a bitch dick.
by theycallmeballsdeep March 21, 2009
A male that has boobs the size of watermelons. They are called bitch tits because this male is probably a little bitch.
After Andy and Chris kept feeding each other cupcakes they both developed bitch tits. Now they feast on the cock-meat-sandwich, and occasionaly they like a good titty fuck.
by theycallmeballsdeep March 21, 2009
Someone who looks up the word dipshit in a dictionary!
If you dont know what the word dipshit means, then you are a fucking dipshit!
by theycallmeballsdeep March 28, 2009
The act of having a giant cock. A cock so long that when erect you could put it on the ground on a windy day just to hold yourself up. Kind of like a kickstand on a bicycle. In some rare cases tho if is when you go out looking for a mean dick to hop up and down on like a pogo-stick.
Nick: Yo Chris I heard you did a cockstand this weekend, is that true?
Chris: Ya man, its true.
Nick: I dont see where you get enjoyment out of another mans penis...thats gross!
by theycallmeballsdeep March 31, 2009

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