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a mix between a dipshit and a craphead
Johnny your such a dip crap
by Connor November 04, 2003
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A polite way of calling someone a dipshit which means someone is stupid or unintelligent
Beth: " I didn't realise that we lived on an island"
Roberta: " me neither"
Ann: " guys i only found out new york isn't a country"
Bailey: " you three are all dipcraps"
#dipcrap #stupid #unintelligent #not smart #dumb
by rr726 June 12, 2014
The guy above me is a retard

The guy below me is even more retarded
I told you he is a retard... dipcrap
#dip #crap #dipcrap #potatoes #l
by Dippy_with_a_q1965467 June 13, 2011
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