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1. a person or thing with crap for brains, or acting like they have crap for brains.
Katie, you are SUCH a craphead.
by Kimi12 July 30, 2003
Usually someone doing something ornery and stupid. Such as making fun of you.
Shut up you fucking craphead.
by mergerrr October 21, 2003
The Oklahoma state legislature, according to U.S. Representative and 2004 GOP Senatorial candidate Tom Coburn.
Actual transcript, I am not making this up:

COBURN: Look, economic development in southwest Oklahoma is a federal role. Do you really believe that?

MALE CONSTITUENT: To some extent, yes sir.


MALE CONSTITUENT: Uh, because the development that we need is above our means.

COBURN: No it's not. It's because you have a bunch of crapheads in Oklahoma City that have killed the vision of anybody wanting to invest in Oklahoma.
by MarkusRTK October 16, 2004
a craphead is a dumbass that calls you names.
Agassi you are such a craphead.
by fatoni February 07, 2003
Crap Head: a comonly used term... for the insane!!!! mooohahahahaha!!! naw, it means a very stupid or mean person, or just a general insult.
u fuckin crap head!!!! get the fuck away from me!!!
by lenny April 05, 2004
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