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A group of talented individuals, usually including 11-12 female athletes who excel at the game of volleyball. Typically they dominate tournaments, in particular at the provincial level, and often national. These renowned groups of girls are known for their hard work, skill, team dynamics, and intimidation factor. Often they go on to play volleyball at the university or college level following their club careers. Beware, Dinos are in the air!
18U Dinos win AVA #1
17U Dinos take bronze at AVA#1
by Dinos2010 January 31, 2010
6 12
Acronym for Democrat In Name Only. Refers to people affiliated with the DemoCratic Party who act like Republicans.
Joe Leiberman, what a fucking DINO!
by JonathanChance October 01, 2003
424 270
Democrat in Name Only.

A disparaging term for a member of the modern-day United States Democratic Party whose words and actions are thought to be too fiscally or socially conservative. The terms "Fox News liberal", "Fox Democrat," and "Fox News Democrat," have also been used in this context.
Person 1: If Joe Lieberman is a democrat, how come when he lost the Connecticut democratic party nomination for senator to Ned Lamont in 2006, he ran as a Independent and won back his senate seat?
Person 2: He's not actually a Democract, he's a DINO. Didn't you see him giving a speech at the Republican National Convention in 2008 in support of the Mccain/Palin ticket?
by curious_lichen December 10, 2010
199 63
Acronym for Democrat In Name Only. Refers to people affiliated with the DemoCratic Party who act like Republicans.
blah blah blah
by John Doe January 21, 2004
216 152
The Flintstones' pet dinosaur
Fred Flintstone: has anybody fed Dino today?
by A. McNamara November 09, 2007
146 107
A really cool dude that kinda likes to dance around in other peoples pants. Hes pretty amazing and his followers bow down to his every move. But he is not a dinosaur. Hes just a Canadian.
by colourwonder June 27, 2010
148 112
a croatian who plays too much cod
get off the ps3 stop being a dino
by xx_croatian_xx March 24, 2011
58 25
An obese child that ate all the pizza at my birthday party.
Ciara: *eats 5 slices of cake and two candy bars* Ashley: "GOD your such a dino!" Ciara: o_O *rushes into the bathroom and forces herself to throw it all up*
by AshleyxAirhead November 17, 2007
62 45