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My favorite character in the 1980's cartoon show "The Littles".

He had a passion for flying, and was a huge klutz. He would always fall, trip, and knock over things. While helping Grandpa Little paint the kitchen roof, he tripped and paint fell all over the old fart.

One of my favorite gags Dinky did was in the episode when Henry pretended to be ill because the mother little (I think her name was Helen) was sick. Dinky had to report back and fourth between the littles and Henry so Henry could get Helen the medicine. The doctor told Henry to say "Auwh", or when the doctor looks down in your mouth. Dinky tranfered that to the grandpa and he said "Henry said AAUW" then he thought it was out of tune. SO he started singing it out. Lol, that was good.
Dinky Little is the best character in the show
by lunar shadows October 25, 2004
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