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a short chinese man, who likes to buy stupid movies, and make wise ass cracks at white people, and hands out endless amounts of never due homework, and likes to stay at the chinese innnnn
zhong gou ren ai zhong gou, mei gou ren ai mei guo ma?
-shut up dingman!!!!!!!!
"I made him an offer he couldn't refuse, i put a gun to his head and said, either his signature was going to be ont hat paper or his brains..."
by chinese 3 December 17, 2003
A dip of Chewing tobacco, usually short/long cut Skoal or Copenhagen. It was named after Chris Dingman from the Tampa Bay Lightning since every time he was interviewed post game, he has a large dip in his lip.
I just tossed in a huge dingman of Skoal straight.
by Brittonm April 10, 2008
The opposite of a wingman. The guy who hangs out with you when you go to a bar and screws up your every attempt with women.

Another term for a cock blocker
Ray is such a dingman, every time I'm talking with girl he comes over and comments about how much she looks like my ex or he tells them I have an amazing collection of Star Trek figures.
by Grillman15 June 30, 2016
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