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The small pieces of shit that are normally mixed with fluff from the underwear. These can easily be picked off with a good tug and normally are good projectiles!
Guy1: did you hear about Sam Cleworth?
Guy2: No why?
Guy1:He has bare dingles around his rectum!
by Layd March 05, 2012
0 2
Short for Dingle-Berry. Which is old shit and TP stuck to your ass hairs
by Jeff Marjama October 23, 2003
162 109
A dingle is a double occupancy dorm room that is being housed by only a single person. It is a combination of the words double and single: dingle. One person in a two person room.
The UCLA housing department screwed up, so now I'm living in a dingle in Gregory Hall.
by Bryan Harley August 14, 2005
147 101
A person of lower IQ and social status, not quite retarded but at the same time no rocket scientist
Oi! Dingle
by Rich October 21, 2003
134 90
Another Term for an annoying little shit
Dingles: Hullo I don't masterbate
by Chadwick J Bob December 03, 2006
48 12
a penis.
chris barrett has no dingle.
by sam spearr September 30, 2009
73 46
small woods containing a stream or a brook among the streets of the town of Longmeadow
Kelly asked Dana if she wanted to go down to the dingle and hang out.

by dankel shakeeane October 08, 2006
65 42
A town in Ireland's county Kerry.
Have you heard about the Dingle dolphin?
by gryphon84 April 07, 2010
21 10