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Dilys is a kind and funny person, the type of person anyone would want to say is their friend. Dilys always makes people smile, and has a sense of wonder like a child. This sense of wonder allows her to tell grand stories that are sure to remind you of childhood. Dilys is the best kind of friend, and always there for you with sound advice thanks to her huge heart. Who wouldn't want Dilys as their friend?
"Dilys really is a genuine friend."
by Miss Unicorn's Twin December 21, 2014
Dilys is a academically advanced girls who loves to smile and laugh with her friends. She is well-liked by her teachers and is always motivated to do her best. Perhaps her friends may think she is depressed, but she is kind underneath it all. She loves for people to think she is bad at everything, even if she might be pretty good at it.
Dilys is a encouraging girl.
by lonelygurl369 February 22, 2015
an amazing person who is perfect and genuin, and has a bangable body
guy1: what're you doing tonight?
guy2: Dilys!(;
by asdfghjklllllllll November 03, 2011

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