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A monstrous, phallic piece of machinery utilized during major reconstructive drilling, as well as the erection of massive monuments and sturdy steel scaffolding.

Use with Caution: Not to be confused with a woman's best friend, this machine will cause trembling and tremors to adjacent edifices.
As my son and I sat in 2nd ave traffic, I felt a familiar sensation to my pocket rocket, resulting in a moist seat. As I tried to conceal my excitement, my son pointed and shouted, 'Mom! Why is that machine so much bigger than the one daddy uses with my babysitter?'

I laughed nervously while I responded, 'Don't be silly honey, daddy doesn't have a dilldozer.'
by denalipark227 April 25, 2010
A raming device for a dilldo.
Dylan used his dilldozer on Audrie's lil cunt.
by ilovedylan December 11, 2009
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