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A monstrous, phallic piece of machinery utilized during major reconstructive drilling, as well as the erection of massive monuments and sturdy steel scaffolding.

Use with Caution: Not to be confused with a woman's best friend, this machine will cause trembling and tremors to adjacent edifices.
As my son and I sat in 2nd ave traffic, I felt a familiar sensation to my pocket rocket, resulting in a moist seat. As I tried to conceal my excitement, my son pointed and shouted, 'Mom! Why is that machine so much bigger than the one daddy uses with my babysitter?'

I laughed nervously while I responded, 'Don't be silly honey, daddy doesn't have a dilldozer.'
by denalipark227 April 25, 2010
A panigasm occurs during deep copulation as the hour strikes midnight, and the garage door opens to the sound of, 'honey, I'm home!' While simultaneously cumming and gasping with horror, you pull out and accidentally cum all over said girl, new sheets, innocent pet, or all of the above.Note: True panigasm happens on parent's bed.
I was enjoying the fruits of my gay porn, when my favorite Thai boy toy screen idol and wife's emergence from the door coincided. I instantly had a panigasm all over my wife's horrified face, hands, and frozen pork dumplings in the Trader Joe's bag.

Late one evening at the office, my slim secretary was polishing the better part of myself under my mahogany desk, when my girlfriend decided to surprise me with my favorite dollar dumplings. I screamed silently as my panigasm shoved me further into my secretary's mouth, bumping her head violently underneath my desk.
by denalipark227 April 25, 2010
To get an authentic viewing of ghettogging (pronounced: ge-tog-ing) one must venture deep into an urban landscape. A rare spectacle in the past, yet becoming increasingly more common, ghettogging is when a man goes from waddling to running with his pants slung down near his knees.
On a sketchy corner, at dusk, a group of men headed by 'son' were completing the days transactions when a multitude of officers of the law descended upon the corner brandishing weapons. Despite their braggadaccio attitudes, every truant quickly turned and ghettogged in every direction. No match for the officers' quick pace, the true religion jeans, enormous sequined skull belt buckles and obvious boxers hampered the truants ghettogging to the point of arrest.
by denalipark227 April 25, 2010
The act of filling a white, tube-sock with as much cum as possible, whirling and twirling it like a lasso over your head, and releasing its contents over an excited, or unsuspecting person's face.
The other night my slutty girlfriend turned to me and said, "I'm tired of getting facialized. Tonight I want the slingshot sock." Astounded and wide-eyed, I stammered, "of course!"

Later that evening, while soaking in a pool of vajamba juice, I fucked my girlfriend up until the point of cumming, pulled out, and filled my old tube-sock with man-goo. Whooping and shouting in a frenzy, I twirled the sock and saw cum splatter over my gf's hungry, open mouth.
by denalipark227 April 22, 2010

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