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A mythological being whom is essentially a giant dildo. He uses a large cannon on the top of his head to shoot green/white projectiles toward his enemies/unsuspecting innocents.
Dildor's rampage left the town not only destroyed, but covered in sticky jizz, preventing all repairs for a while.
by Arthur Scott Stewart December 04, 2003
61 11
A person who's a dick (not literally, but could be) that often talks a lot and may fart deadly toxins into the air.
Man 1: Dude, that guy is totally a dildor.
Man 2: I get what you mean...
Dildor Guy: *loudly farts a wet one*
Man 1 & 2: REALLY?!
Man 1: Did you shit yourself, dildor?
by crazeGUY1515 March 30, 2013
2 1