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A pot smoking Video gamer
Im a total Dilan.
Dilan's are cool
by Dilly lama April 30, 2008
refers commonly to a gorgeous kurdish girl.
they usually have big asses, nice teeth, and dazzling eyes.
nynyoioi is a common phrase used to grab their attention as it has deep meaning in their native tongue.
That girl, by no doubt is a dilan.

*most suitable for erol types.
by serifelololol September 04, 2011
A wooden dildo will be properly a dilan instead of a dildo. dildo refers to plastic instruments while those made of wood or another substance are Dilans. Dilan will be polished and/or varnished to enhance the experience for the user. Dilans are commonly use by gay couples of either sex.
oooo, nice dildo

No, it's a dilan you mong!
by Bloooooooooooog January 18, 2011