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When a guy wags his fingers back and forth rapidly against a girl's clitoris, reminiscent of the NBA Blocking King Dikembe Mutombo's stapled gesture used after blocking an opponents’ shot.
As she was bent over, the guy "Dikembe Mutombo'ed" her clitoris from behind and the girl immediately reached full climax.
by The Nutter September 04, 2006
A Center in the NBA from the Democratic Republic of Congo. His full name is: Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacque Wamutombo.
Nickname: Deke
Dikembe Mutombo speaks English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and five African dialects.
by -_- March 30, 2004
A retired Congolese American professional basketball player, last playing for the Houston Rockets of the NBA, now U.S. senator of Colorado. Mutombo at 7' 2", showed that he is still one of the most dominant big men in Congress, blocking a record 16 bills in one legislative session. Mutombo punctuated his final block, a clean rejection of the Criminal Justice Reinvestment Act, with his signature finger wag.
Sen 1: "This healthcare bill may not include the public option, however..."

Sen 2: "Get that weak-ass legislation out of my house!"

Sen 3: "He just Dikembe Mutomboed his punk ass."
by Parhelium February 28, 2010
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